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Porcelain Registration Plates: Our Porcelain passenger car license plates are exact reproductions of plates that were originally issued by The State of Delaware in 1942, with the exception that we have moved the mounting slots slightly to allow them to be mounted on modern vehicles. Our porcelain motorcycle license plates are no longer exact reproductions as many people had difficulty mounting them to their motorcycles. In 2012, the Division of Motor Vehicles requested and authorized a 4” x 7” plate size to match the size of State issued motorcycle plates. Because the edges of our porcelain plates are very difficult to protect, we recommend that all of our passenger car porcelain plates have a frame attached which will help protect the edges. With the exception of motorcycle plates, our porcelain plates which contain more than 3 digits we will insert the required diamond between the third & fourth digits from the right side of the plate.

Stainless Steel Registration Plates: Our Stainless Steel license plates are reproductions of plates that were originally issed by The State of Delaware in 1951, with the exception that we have moved the mounting slots to allow them to be mounted on modern vehicles. The base plate is made of stainless steel, which is black powder coated. The DELAWARE at the top of the plate is embossed & polished. The numbers are made from stainless steel, and have white reflective sheeting applied to them as required by The Division of Motor Vehicles.

Rubber Grommets: All of our license plates are supplied with four (4) rubber grommets. DO NOT REMOVE THE GROMMETS FROM YOUR PLATE!! Doing so will likely lead to damage of the plate. We will not be responsible for damage to your plate caused by removal of the grommets.

Reflective sheeting: Our Stainless Steel tags have a reflective sheeting applied to the numbers as required by The State of Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles. We will not produce a Stainless Steel tag without the reflective sheeting. The reflective sheeting has an expected outdoor lifespan of approximately 7 years.

Logo: License plates, as you will find if you choose to read the section on history, have become a collectable item. One of the things that add value to a collectable item is being able to "date", or know how old, the item actually is. We are aware that our license plates, sometime in the future, will be collected just as antique tags are collected today. Because of that, and with pressure from collectors to "date" our tags, we have taken the extra effort to permanently enamel our company logo, which includes the year that the tag was manufactured, on the back of every one of our Porcelain tags. An image of that logo is at the top left of this page. Our Stainless Steel tags have a slightly different logo permanently applied to the back as well, along with the year of manufacture.

Slot location: The four mounting slots are located such that our plates can be mounted on any vehicle that is able to attach a standard State issued plate via mounting screws. The vertical slots in our plates are there by requirement in order to produce an exact reproduction, and were originally used to accommodate Month/Year expiration tabs.

Sizes: Our Porcelain passenger car plates measure 5 1/2” x 9 1/2”, with the mounting slots measuring 7 1/4” from center to center. *Our motorcycle plates now measure 4"x7". This is smaller than our previous version because many people had difficulty mounting the larger plate. The new plate dimensions are the same size as your state issued blue and gold MC plate. Our Stainless Steel plates with 5 digits or less measure 5 1/2" x 9 1/2", with the mounting slots measuring 7 1/4" from center to center. Our Stainless Steel plates with 6 digits measure 5 1/2" x 11”, with the top mounting slots measuring 7” from center to center, and the bottom slots measuring 6 9/16” from center to center. All mounting slots measure 5/16” tall x 3/4" long.

Ham Operator Plates: We are able to reproduce Porcelain ham operator license plates for those individuals meeting the requirements. Please give us a call to place your order. The letters/numbers of our ham operator license plates measure 1 5/8” tall.


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