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Important Information about Black and White License Plates We ask that you please, please, take two minutes to read the following information. We offer a relatively unique product in that not everyone is able to purchase it, and you’ll have to learn a few things before you place your order.

IF your license plate number meets the following Restrictions, we can make a reproduction of a historic black and white license plate with your license plate number on it. This means the number that is currently on your car. This number is registered to your car – you don’t get to pick your number! If your license plate number does not meet the Restrictions, you may be able to get an eligible license plate number from DMV, although DMV may not have eligible numbers available.

We are required by the Division of Motor Vehicle to have a photocopy of the valid registration card of the license plate number that is ordered. If you place an order, YOU must supply this to us! We will not begin processing your order without it.

We make exact reproductions of the porcelain and stainless steel tags that were made over 50 years ago. The authenticity of our plates is verified by the DMV. Because we make authentic reproductions, you need a tag number that existed 50 years ago to display a black and white plate. It sums up like this:

In order to display a porcelain plate, your number CANNOT be higher than what is listed below:
  • 86999 (with no letters in front: eligible example - 63040)

  • C9999 (eligible example - C8000)

  • Dealer license plates can only be ordered at a DMV facility and cannot exceed D9999 (eligible example - D2131)

  • MC9999 (eligible example - MC3333)
*Our motorcycle plates now measure 4"x7". This is smaller than our previous version because many people had difficulty mounting the larger plate. The new plate dimensions are the same size as your state issued blue and gold MC plate.

Porcelain plates (except for motorcycle plates) have a diamond separator if there are more than 3 numbers on the plate. The diamond separator is placed between the 3rd and 4th number from the right of the plate.
Examples: 3*342, 33*342, C1*342, C*342, 342 (* shows diamond location)

We do produce porcelain HAM operator license plates for those individuals meeting the requirements. Please give us a call to place your order. The letters/numbers of our ham operator license plates measure 1 5/8” tall.

Stainless steel tags are from a slightly later era, and therefore more numbers are eligible, including PC plates. If your number is, for example, 2134, you are eligible for both porcelain and stainless. You get to pick which you prefer!

In order to display a stainless steel plate, your number CANNOT be higher than what is listed below:

  • 200000 (with no letters in front: eligible example - 145300)

  • PC9999 (eligible example - PC8290)

  • C50000 (for example, your number is C40590)

  • Dealer License Plates can only be ordered at a local DMV facility and cannot exceed D9999 (for example, your number is D7490)

  • FT9999 (for example, your number is FT7390)

  • T9999 (for example, your number is T8293)

We cannot make any "CL", "RV", "RT", or Vanity License Plates, as they didn’t exist when black and white license plates were originally produced.

In order to view the specifications for our license plates, see the Specifications section.

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