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Frequently Asked Questions Listed below are a number of Frequently Asked Questions from our customers - click on any question to see the answer.

What can I do if my license plate number does not meet the Restrictions?

If your license plate number does not meet the Restrictions, you may be able to get an eligible license plate number from DMV, although DMV may not have eligible numbers available.

I noticed there is something between the numbers on your Porcelain license plates. What is it, and what if I don't want my numbers separated?

All Black & White Porcelain License Plates that have more than 3 characters will have a "diamond" separator between the third and fourth digits from the right. This is the way that they were made originally, and in order to make an exact reproduction of the originals that will be legal for your car, we must include it. We cannot omit a diamond on a tag that should have one nor can we put it in any other location on the plate. For more information, please refer to the State of Delaware DMV Policy Regulations relating to black & white plates. Stainless Steel plates will NOT have a diamond separator.

My license plate has “PC” before the numbers. Can I get this tag made into a black & white porcelain?

No, we cannot make any "PC" tags in black & white porcelain. The reason for that is because they were never made that way originally, and therefore would not be exact reproductions. We can however make a “PC” plate in Stainless Steel, as long as it meets the Restrictions. Our sections on Restrictions and DMV Policy Regulations have more information about what we can and cannot reproduce. The first time "PC" tags were introduced in Delaware was after the State stopped their porcelain issued tags. You can refer to our section on the History of Delaware tags for more information about what types of license plates were issued by the State at various time periods.

If my license plate has “PC” before the numbers, can I take off the “PC” and have my plate made without it?

NO, you cannot just remove the "PC". You see, each number can appear by itself, and also as that number with letters in front of it. For example, the plate number 86999 that we have used as a sample on our Home page also appears as PC86999, and C86999, etc. Therefore, if you remove the "PC", you will have someone else's license plate number! It may, however, be possible for you to change your number to an eligible one. Please refer to the first question on this page for changing your license plate number.

I have seen black & white porcelain “PC” plates on the road. If you can't make them, where do they come from?

Good question. Any “PC” plate in black & white porcelain is illegal to manufacture and/or display. We have seen them on the road as well, but are unsure of their origin. We have never, nor will we ever, produce a “PC” plate in black & white porcelain. We would also recommend not displaying one, as it is again illegal.

Can you make a black & white porcelain plate for my trailer, which has a “T” before the numbers?

No, we cannot make a black & white porcelain plate for a trailer (T9999) as they were never originally produced in porcelain. We can however make Trailer plates in Stainless Steel, as long as it meets the Restrictions.

Why are your plates smaller than regular license plates?

Our Porcelain plates are exact reproductions of plates that were issued by the State of DE beginning in 1942. Our Stainless Steel plates are exact reproductions of plates that were issued by the State of DE beginning in 1947. The size of our plates is the same size as the original State issued plates.

What is the size of your license plates?

Our Porcelain passenger car plates measure 5 1/2” x 9 1/2”. Our Porcelain Motorcycle plates measure 4” x 7” (our MC are now the same size as MC plates issues by the Delaware DMV). Our Stainless Steel plates with 5 digits or less measure 5 1/2” x 9 1/2". Our Stainless Steel plates with 6 digits measure 5 1/2" x 11”.

Do you have frames that fit your plates?

Yes, we offer frames for our Porcelain Car Plates and 5 Digit or less Stainless Steel, available in 2 color choices: black, and polished stainless steel. At this time, we DO NOT have frames available for Porcelain Motorcycle plates OR 6 Digit Stainless Steel plates. We HIGHLY recommend a frame for our Porcelain plates, as it helps protect the edges of the plate, which is the most vulnerable area of the plate.

Can you make my license plate with a small “C” or “D”?

No, we cannot make a small “C” or “D”. According to DMV Policy Regulations, all letters and numbers must be a minimum of 3” tall. While there were original small “C” and “D” plates issued in Porcelain, we cannot reproduce one. Further, displaying a tag with a small “C” or “D” is illegal.

I've seen black plates with what looks like metal numbers. Do you make these?

You may be referring to the stainless steel variety of tags, originally issued by the State after they stopped issuing the porcelains. For more information on this style of plate, please see our History section. There are very few original stainless steel plates on the roads today. Most of what is on the roads today is a cheap, illegally produced plate which is an aluminum plate, and has no reflective sheeting on the numbers. We are authorized by the State of Delaware to manufacture an exact reproduction of the 50's era Stainless Steel plate, made from stainless steel with stainless steel numbers. Our plates are Stainless Steel, with Stainless Steel numbers that have reflective sheeting.

Can you make me a plate with my name, or other letters on it?

No, we cannot make ANY type of vanity plate in black & white Porcelain or Stainless Steel for registration in the state of Delaware. Our sections on Restrictions and DMV Policy Regulations has more information about what we can and cannot reproduce.

Do I have to get a new expiration sticker for my black & white plate?

Yes. We do not and cannot provide a new sticker. It is next to impossible to remove the expiration sticker from the blue & gold license plates. In order to obtain a new expiration sticker, just take your registration card and proof of insurance to your local DMV lane. Tell them you just purchased a new Black & White Porcelain License Plate or Stainless Steel Plate and that you need a new expiration sticker. They will sell you one for $5.00. You do not need to have your car re-inspected, you will get the same month/year expiration sticker that you had on your blue & gold plate.

Where do I put the expiration sticker on my new black & white plate?

For Porcelain License Plates, your expiration sticker should be placed between the two vertical slots to the left of the DEL, or left of the DEL if it is a Motorcycle plate. For Stainless Steel License Plates, your expiration sticker should be placed at the bottom center of the plate.

Can I pick whatever number I want for you to make my plate?

NO, you cannot pick any number you want to put on your car…this is why you go to DMV in the first place! We only reproduce the number assigned to your vehicle, so long as it is eligible. Our sections on Restrictions and DMV Policy Regulations has more information about we can and cannot reproduce.

Will your Porcelain Motorcyle plates fit on my bike?

Previous versions of our MC tags measured 5 1/4” x 7 1/2”, which gave some people issues with mounting their tags. As a result we have changed the size of our MC plates to be 4" x 7", now the same size as your state issued blue and gold MC plate received through the DMV.

Why are there holes/slots in your license plates?

There are slots in our plates because that's the way they were originally produced. Originally, the State of Delaware would issue expiration tabs, one for the month and one for the year, that would mount in the vertical slots of a plate.

My screws won't fit thru the rubber grommets when I try to attach the plate to my car, what should I do.

DO NOT REMOVE THE GROMMETS FROM YOUR PLATE!! Doing so will likely lead to damage of the plate. We will not be responsible for damage to your plate caused by removal of the grommets. There is no reason whatsoever that your license plate screws should not fit thru the rubber grommets on our plates. The best method of attaching the plate to the car is to first thread the screws thru the rubber grommets with the plate removed from the car. After doing so, hold the plate, with screws already inserted, up to the vehicle and attach the screws to the vehicle.

How long will my Porcelain plate last?

It is impossible to predict how long a Porcelain plate will last. There are many factors that can affect the life span of a plate including inclement weather, use, care, road debris, age, porcelain coverage, etc. Due to the nature of porcelain enamel properties, edges are especially difficult to sufficiently protect, and are typically the first area of a plate to show signs of wear/rust.

Why do I have to send you a copy of my registration?

We are required by the State of Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles to obtain a copy of the valid registration card for each and every license plate order that is placed with us.

I have a temporary registration, can I send you that?

NO, we cannot accept a Temporary Registration. We must obtain a copy of either a valid registration card, or a copy of the vehicle title as long as the expiration date has not expired.

I want to order more than one plate, do you offer quantity discounts?

No, we do not offer any quantity discounts on our Delaware Registration Plates.

I want stop in, where are you located at?

We do not have a retail location, thus you can not stop in. We are a mail order business, and conduct transactions via phone, fax, mail, or our website. Our license plate products are on display, and can be viewed and purchased, at any DMV location.

What should I use to clean my plate?

Porcelain Plates: You can use any typical non-abrasive household cleaner to clean your porcelain plate. As it is porcelain enamel, it is the same material that your washer, dryer, and stove are likely made of. Stainless Steel Plates: You can use any typical non-abrasive household cleaner to clean your stainless steel plate. Our stainless steel plates are powder coated, so be sure not to use any type of abrasive cleaner as it could scratch the painted surface.

What are your hours?

Our business hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. We are a small business, thus sometimes we are called away from the phone and/or are helping another customer on the phone. Please leave us a message, and your call will be returned, or you can contact us via email.

Is there a yearly fee for having a Black & White Porcelain plate or Stainless Steel plate?

No, there is no yearly fee to dispay a Black & White Porcelain Plate or Stainless Steel plate. Your Black & White tag or Stainless Steel tag replaces your Delaware State issued tag, and the only cost involved is the purchase price.

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