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Specifications of our Black and White License Plates

The following is the Division of Motor Vehicles of The State of Delaware policy regarding black and white license plates. We follow these regulations precisely to insure that our license plates are fully legal and exact reproductions of the original issue tags. Additionally, you can see the official regulation by clicking here.



The attached Policy Regulation No. 79 becomes effective on May 1, 1986. DO NOT enforce its provisions prior to that date. However , you should inform motorists who are in violation about the new regulation and the effective date for enforcement.

Basically the acceptable plates are:

Authentic black and white porcelain plates which were issued by the Division not exceeding 86999. These plates will always have a diamond separator if there are more than 3 numbers (or numbers and letters) on the plate. The diamond separator will always be between the 3rd and 4th number from the right of the plate.

Examples: 3*342, 33*342, C1*342, C*342, 342 (* shows diamond location)

The authentic black and white porcelain plates will also have open slots at the top of the plate. These slots were used for 2 metal expiration tabs which were issued at the time.

EXACT reproductions of the above plates will continue to be honored, It is impossible for most people to tell the difference (if the plate is an exact reproduction).

No black and white porcelain license plate (even though it may be authentic or an exact reproduction) is to be honored if any letter or number is; less than 3 inches in height. There are some "Commercial" and "Dealer" plates with a small "c" or "d" which will not be authorized for display.

The license plate with a black background, stainless steel numbers and the word "Delaware" embossed is authorized. Numbers cannot exceed 200000.

The license plate with a black background numbers covered with white reflective sheeting and the word "Delaware" embossed is authorized. Numbers cannot exceed 200000.

Unacceptable Plates

Any vanity plate which is not blue and gold as issued by the Division.

Any "ex-POW" or "DAV" plate which was not issued by the Division.

Any "PC" plate in black and white porcelain. "PC" plates were issued in the other type black plates with stainless steel numbers and numbers covered with white, reflective sheeting.

Plates are not to be confiscated by the Division - Owner may wish to display his unauthorized plate on the front of his vehicle.

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